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In general the term 'Urology' refers to the surgical speciality that focuses on the kidney, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs. 'Urologists' are the specialist surgeons who treat men, women and children with conditions of these organs including: cancer, stones, infection, incontinence, sexual dysfunction and pelvic muscle problems.

The Urology Team

At University Hospital Geelong our Urology team practices evidence-based Urology and provides an optimal standard of care. Our team members include:


Urology Consultants – F.R.A.C.S (Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’)

  • Mr Richard Grills (Director of Urology Barwon Health)
  • Mr Greg Neerhut
  • Mr Karl Braslis
  • Mr Paul Kearns
  • Dr Kathryn Rzetelski-West

Urology Registrars

  • x2 Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ (R.A.C.S.) accredited (SET) training registrar positions
  • x1 un-accredited (PreSET) registrar position

Urology Intern

  • x1 intern on a 6-10 week rotation in Urology

Specialist Nurses

Urology Liaison Nurse

The Urology Liaison nurse role includes:

  • a point of contact for patients , District Nurse, GP appointments  and  wards
  • a point of contact for patients with enquiries regarding the waiting list
  • education for patients  pre /post surgery
  • catheter care/ changes,  patient education  about  Intermittent Self-Catheterisation  and Supra Pubic Catheterisation
  • Urology resource person for all areas within Barwon Health
  • BCG installations – for treatment of bladder cancer
  • Attends  Urology Specialist Clinics
  • Contact via switchboard

Prostate Cancer Nurse

Prostate cancer treatment adopts a multi treatment approach of surgery, hormones, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surveillance programs. The Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse is involved in the care of men in all treatment streams and is an integral part of the multidisciplinary team.

The Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse provides education and support to men (with prostate cancer) and their significant others by:

  • Providing a point of contact & support for men with prostate cancer and their significant others
  • Providing information about a diagnosis of prostate cancer and treatment plans
  • Information  and support on side effects of treatment including possible interventions
  • Coordination of prostate cancer care
  • Assisting men with prostate cancer and their significant others to access services within Barwon Health.

University Hospital Geelong is participating in a National Prostate Cancer Project  which is a three year program funded by the Department of Health to help those affected by prostate cancer. The project is supported by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.  

Services offered 

The Urology Unit (Department of Urological Surgery) at Barwon Health offers a full range of general and specialist urological services.

Operating lists are conducted in the main theatre complex and Gretta Volum day surgery centre at University Hospital Geelong.

The full range of urological surgical services is offered including, minimally invasive stone surgery, urological cancer surgery (including laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, nephrectomy and partial nephrectomy) laser surgery for prostates, incontinence, urodynamic investigations and general urology.

There are 3-4 clinics per week, conducted in the Outpatients Department, Bellerine Centre, Level 3, University Hospital Geelong. These include:

  • General Urology consultant clinic
  • Cancer review clinic
  • Post operative review clinics


For GPs

Research and Teaching

The Barwon Health Urology team is actively involved in Research and Teaching at all levels.

 Deakin University 

  • All Barwon Health Urologists are involved with the teaching curriculum at Deakin University at both a pre-clinical and clinical levels. They conduct lectures, tutorials and provide ward and clinic based teaching

Surgical Education and Training Program (R.A.C.S.)

  • Barwon Health has x2 accredited training posts for the training of future urologists under the auspices of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ Surgical Education and Training (SET) program
  • Trainees are posted to Geelong for a 12 month period (of the 6 year SET program).
  • Mr Richard Grills (Director of Urology Barwon Health) is the current Chair of Board of Urology the federal body that administers the SET program throughout in Australia and New Zealand.

Current research

Barwon Health Urology is actively involved in a number of research projects. Current and ongoing projects include:

  • Prostate cancer treatment outcomes
  • Minimally invasive stone treatment using pyeloscopy
  • Urological Telehealth services.
  • Management of ureteric stents.
  • Bladder cancer – timing of recurrences.
  • Provision of Urological services in Vanuatu
  • Renal surgery in elderly patients

Referral to Urology

Emergency Referral Process

  • Via urgent transfer to Emergency Dept. (ED). After initial assessment patient by ED staff patient will be referred to On-Call Urology registrar.
  • Contact On-Call Urology registrar by contacting University Hospital Geelong switchboard 4215 0000.

Outpatient Referral Process

You can use the Surgical Outpatients Referral Template for all urology referrals.  

The template contain embedded referral guidelines giving access to recommendations for investigations and conservative therapy that may be useful before referring the patient

  • Complete appropriate urology referral template.
  • All referrals must be faxed to Outpatients via number 03 4215 1383
  • All referrals are triaged for urgency by the Urology Registrars.
  • Provision of appropriate clinical information within the "reason for referral" section of the referral form is essential for accurate triaging and access to services.  This will also assist with arranging appropriate Allied Health assessments where necessary
  • Both GP & patient will be notified of receipt of referral and expected waiting time for appointment
  • Both GP & patient will be notified if a referral has been rejected

Last Modified: Thursday, 29 August 2019


Phone numbers

Registrars: via switchboard, ph. 03 4215 0000

Urology Liaison Nurse: 03 4215 2338

Outpatients: GP hotline: If you wish to discuss the triage of your patient or require additional information about your patient's referral, please ring the GP hotline on 03 4215 1398 (for doctors only). 

Outpatients Fax: 03 4215 1383