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Nursing Specialist Year Programs

A 52-week structured clinical program is offered in a choice of specialised nursing areas including Cardiac, Surgical, Neurology, Cancer, Community Nursing, Perioperative and Renal Nursing. These programs provide Grade 2 Registered Nurses with the opportunity to explore a specialist area of nursing within a supported clinical program.

Clinical support and assessment is undertaken by experienced nursing staff and/or Clinical Nurse Educators. The Clinical Nurse Educator will meet will meet with the specialist nurse on a regular, scheduled basis to review the completion of clinical hurdles, review learning needs and clinical experience. A Preceptorship program is in place.

Clinical assessments comprise 50% of the program and include completion of clinical hurdle assessments; setting clinical objectives; and clinical progress appraisals. Appraisals will be conducted at regular intervals throughout the year.

The theoretical component will enable the nurse to explore and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a competent level of nursing practice in the chosen specialty. This component includes study day attendance, an assignment and a presentation. Clinical Education and Training provides financial assistance for study day attendance.

On successful completion of this 52-week program, a hospital certificate will be awarded and participants can apply for advanced standing toward the tertiary study.

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Last Modified: Wednesday, 15 February 2023