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Stomal Therapy

A stomal therapist is a Registered Nurse who has undergone specialist training in stomal therapy and PEG tubes.

Stomal therapists educate patients, partners or their carer's in the pre and post-operative care of their stoma or PEG tube.

What is a stoma?
A stoma is a surgically created opening which allows the elimination of body wastes such as urine and faeces from the body.

A stoma may be permanent or temporary.

Why do people need a stoma?
Trauma to the bowel
Radiation damage to the bowel
Abnormalities a person is born with (congenital)
Inflammatory bowel conditions
To protect a join in the bowel (anastomosis)

Types of stomas
A surgical opening into the large bowel (or colon)
A colostomy may be temporary or permanent

A surgical opening into the small bowel (or ileum)
An ileostomy may be temporary or permanent

Ileal Conduit
A stoma made from a piece of small bowel to divert urine

What is a PEG tube?
A PEG tube is a tube inserted surgically into the stomach through the abdomen. Please have a read of this information sheet for details on how to care for your PEG tube.

Care of the bolus extension tubing
For MIC-KEY low profile tubes

  • Use warm soapy water to rinse after each feed.
  • Rinse out with plain water and then using 50ml syringe, flush with firm pressure to ensure all soap is removed.
  • Shake dry and then towel dry.
  • Place in zip lock bag or plastic sealed container and store in fridge.
  • Take out 30mins prior to feeding to soften tube.

 If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact Stomal Therapy on 4215 1413.

Last Modified: Tuesday, 26 February 2019