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The service is provided by a team of Geelong based Advance Practice Physiotherapists (APP’s) and visiting Neurosurgeons.

The Physiotherapists are present each week and screen the patients to determine their care needs. The Neurosurgeons consult in Geelong monthly.

 Patients requiring surgery are operated on in Melbourne.

The service accepts referrals for all neurosurgical disorders but due to limited appointments some patients may need to be referred directly to a Neurosurgical unit in Melbourne, the referring Doctor notified.


Due to limited capacity referrals will not be accepted for second opinions, where a patient has already received the opinion of another neurosurgeon / spinal surgeon.

Referrals will not be accepted for patients who have had neurosurgery or spinal surgery at another health service within the last 10 years. Such referrals should be directed straight to the initial service provider.

Referral Process

  • Complete the surgical referral template (see link at right) 
  • To assist with triage ensure relevant and up-to-date investigations and imaging results are included.
  • Ensure appropriate clinical information including onset, nature and duration of symptoms, results of neurological examination, and any previous treatment are documented within the “reason of referral”.
  • Referrals that do not contain relevant clinical information or investigations/imaging results will not be accepted.
  • All referrals must be faxed or emailed to Outpatients.
  • The APPs triage weekly referrals and liaise directly with the Neurosurgeon as required.

Last Modified: Monday, 23 January 2023


Address: Outpatients Department, Bellerine Centre Level 3, University Hospital Geelong

Phone Numbers: GP hotline: If you wish to discuss the triage of your patient or require additional information about your patient's referral, please ring the GP hotline on 03 4215 1398 (for doctors only).

Referral fax number: 03 4215 1383