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Falls and Balance Clinic

Loss of balance, dizziness and falls are common problems for over 30% of older people. Falls alone account for 69% of injury related to hospital admissions for Victorians aged over 65. Falls often lead to loss of independence at home. If the cause of your falls is unknown you may benefit from an assessment at the Falls and Balance clinic.

What is the Falls and Balance Clinic?

The Falls and Balance Clinic is a specialist assessment clinic that can help you, your family and your GP understand why you may be experiencing:- Falls or nearly falling- Dizziness- Balance problems

Who does the assessment?

The clinic is staffed by a team of professionals with expertise and experience in the diagnosis of balance problems, dizziness and falls. The team consists of a rehabilitation physician (doctor), physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and registered nurse.

What does the clinic involve?

The clinic operates at the McKellar Centre on Thursday mornings in the Community Rehabilitation Centre. The initial assessment may take up to two and a half hours.You will have the opportunity to discuss your needs with a Specialist doctor and nurse and ask any questions you may have. A physiotherapist will look at your balance, muscle strength and coordination. A visit to your home by an occupational therapist may be offered if needed.At the end of your assessment an individual care plan will be developed for you with our recommendations.


If the cause for falling is unknown, your GP can refer you to this clinic. Referrals may be accepted from any healthcare worker. However a letter from a GP is required to prior assessment.Referrals should be sent to the Information and Access Service ph. 4215 7700. Once your referral is received, we will contact you with more information

Last Modified: Friday, 15 December 2023


Address: Falls and Balance Clinic, McKellar Centre, 45-95 Ballarat Rd, North Geelong

Phone Number: 4215 7700