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Patient and Carer Escalation


What is Patient and Carer Escalation‚Äč (PACE)?

PACE is a system that allows patients or carers to alert staff to any worrying changes in their condition. It is a staged process of escalation that encourages patients or carers to communicate their concerns to staff  or escalate to the Medical Emergency Team if they remain seriously concerned.

Why do we have PACE?

We understand you know yourself and your loved one best. Whilst in hospital, we want you to speak up and let us know if you notice any worrying change in your condition. Posters and flowcharts are displayed around the hospital that will guide you through the PACE process and a brochure is available at your bedside. We want to work with you, to create the best experience for you and your loved ones. Remember to speak up if you are worried and let us know.

PACE Process

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Last Modified: Thursday, 06 July 2023