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Barwon Regional Adolescent and Child Health Shared-Care Clinic (BRANCHS)

The Barwon Regional Adolescent and Child Health Share-Care (BRANCHS) clinic is a public general paediatric service for children and families within the Barwon South West region.

The service operates using a shared care model, where all patients seen will have a GP who has agreed to be the ongoing primary provider for the patient. Following a period of assessment within the outpatient service, the patient is discharged back to GP care with a clear formulation and plan. The GP will have ongoing access to support and advice from the outpatient clinic team after their patient has been discharged and will be able to re-refer as required.

Under a co-prescribing arrangement, patients on stimulant or other controlled medicines requiring specialist oversight will have intermittent review, with ongoing prescription of these medications managed by the GP. Support will be provided for GPs unfamiliar with requirements.

Intake and triage

All referrals to the BRANCHS clinic will be triaged for suitability and urgency by clinicians. For complex concerns, this will include a phone screen with the client/family to further assist the prioritisation process and phone contact with the GP.  

Referrals may be re-directed to a more appropriate service (internal/external to Barwon Health) and discharged; or referred to indicated services (internal/external to BH) whilst awaiting an appointment in the BRANCHS clinic.

To maintain equity and access to this service for the children in our region, GP shared care and collaborative management at discharge will be a requirement for all children referred to the service. Referrals should clearly indicate the capacity of the referring GP to participate in this model of care.

The service will work with families to assist engagement with a regular GP or GP practice if the referring GP is unable to commit to the shared care model..Kids ward entrance

Inclusion criteria

All children aged under 18 years for medical, developmental or behavioural/emotional concerns.

Referrals for management advice without direct clinic review are welcome.

All referrals should be made under the guidance of the relevant Health Pathway.

Services not provided

  • Multi-disciplinary autism or educational assessments (can review and refer on as required).
  • Referrals for surgical and sub-specialist paediatric assessment (E.g., neurology, cardiology etc.) or allied health provider may be re-directed to the relevant visiting specialist paediatric clinic.

Clinic profile

Three clinics run weekly at either paediatric outpatients (University Hospital Geelong outside Heath Wing 3) or McKellar Kids Rehab (Bendigo Bank House, McKellar Centre North Geelong)

Clinical staff include: paediatrician, nurse, social worker, allied health and admin staff. We do not have a psychologist as part of our team.



Referrals from health professionals can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax a referral using the Referral Net template


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Enquiries: [email protected]

Phone: (03) 4215 1680 

Fax. (03) 4215 1685