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Orthopaedic Outpatient Clinics

The orthopaedic service is separated into five clinics:

  1. General orthopaedic clinics
  2. Fracture clinics
  3. Orthopaedic Access Service (OAS)
  4. OA Hip & Knee clinics
  5. Paediatric Hip Dysplasia (Clicky Hip) & Club Foot clinic

Patients will be triaged to the most appropriate clinic on receipt of a referral. This may not be directly to a consultant clinic.


The Specialty Clinics provide the following services:

Fracture Clinic:

  • Primarily for follow-up of patients seen in the Emergency Department over the previous week
  • Is it not available for routine appointments
  • Patients having had their fracture managed by a GP and wish to access outpatients for a waterproof plaster cast may need to wait

OAS Clinic:

  • Assessment of knee injuries, foot and ankle problems, back disorders and shoulder injuries
  • Patients may be triaged to this clinic to be seen by an Orthopaedic Physiotherapist, a Podiatrist or a GP with a special interest in orthopaedics

OA Hip & Knee Clinic:

  • Aim of this clinic is assessment and early intervention with non-surgical management
  • This service is co-ordinated and managed by an Orthopaedic Physiotherapist who facilitates access to Consultants as appropriate
    Paediatric Hip Dysplasia (Clicky Hip) & Club Foot Clinic:

Assessment and management of both conditions

  • The Hip Dysplasia assessment includes an ultrasound for children under six months and an x-ray for children over six months.

Hip Clinic:

If your child has been referred to the Hip Clinic, please see the document on the right which details the steps of what to expect.

Referral Process

  • Complete orthopaedic referral template (see link right) for all orthopaedic conditions excluding Paed Hip Dysplasia or Club Foot
  • Complete hip dysplasia (clicky hips) club foot referral template (see link below to download) for either of these conditions
  • Ensure symptoms (especially pain), incapacity to work or maintain ADLs and conservative management are included in the referral
  • Please identify WorkCover and Transport Accident claims
  • All referrals must be faxed to Outpatients
  • All referrals are triaged for urgency by the orthopaedic nurse or physiotherapist
  • Both GP & patient will be notified of receipt of referral and expected waiting time for appointment
  • Please ensure patients who have radiological investigations performed outside Barwon Health bring their films to clinic.

Reassessment Process

For patients who require reassessment regarding planned surgery or planned appointments, a new referral should be faxed through. In order to facilitate access the new referral must contain the following information:

  • State the referral is an update for a current patient
  • Date of original referral
  • Reason for requesting a review of referral. E.g. deterioration in clinical condition, pathology

The GP will be notified of the outcome of the re-triage process.

Last Modified: Friday, 15 February 2019


Address: Outpatients Department, Bellerine Centre Level 3, University Hospital Geelong

Phone Numbers: GP hotline: If you wish to discuss the triage of your patient or require additional information about your patient's referral, please ring the GP hotline on 03 4215 1398 (for doctors only).

Referral fax number: 03 4215 1383

Car Parking: Metered parking available