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Exploring the benefits of employing Registered Undergraduate Students of Nursing (RUSON): A win-win for health services and students

Tuesday, 13 June 2023


As nursing shortages continue to pose significant challenges for health services across the healthcare industry, the role of Registered Undergraduate Students of Nursing (RUSONs) is gaining recognition for the positive impact they bring. These talented individuals are stepping up to address the pressing staffing needs and provide invaluable contributions to health services nationwide. In this article, we explain the benefits of employing RUSONs, both for the health services and the students themselves. Through the experiences of dedicated RUSON Sarah Carter, and insights from Director of Access and Resources Central Resource Unit (CRU) manager Emma Jones, we showcase the advantages of this role and encourage applications from passionate RUSONs.

From the Central Resource Unit perspective:

Emma Jones, Director Access & Resource at Barwon Health, emphasises the exceptional value RUSONs bring to their healthcare team. Their enthusiasm, fresh perspectives, and eagerness to learn make them invaluable assets. RUSONs play a crucial role in filling vacancies, ensuring optimal staffing levels, and maintaining high-quality patient care. The flexibility they provide enables Barwon Health to meet the demands of a dynamic healthcare environment. RUSONs demonstrate exceptional adaptability by seamlessly integrating into different departments, contributing meaningfully to patient care under the supervision of registered nursing staff. Their commitment to compassionate and competent care has a positive ripple effect on the entire healthcare team.

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Sarah Carter (RUSON)

From the RUSON perspective:

Sarah Carter, a third-year Bachelor of Nursing student at Victoria University, shares her firsthand experience as a RUSON. Drawn to the role by her desire for practical experience and insights into the nursing profession, Sarah found herself engaged in a variety of tasks during a typical day. Assisting with vital signs, personal hygiene, bed-making, patient feeding, and providing additional support wherever needed, she found her confidence and knowledge growing. The opportunity to interact with diverse patients and collaborate with dedicated nursing staff were the highlights of her job. Sarah encourages aspiring nursing professionals to consider the RUSON role for its independence, hands-on experience, and career-boosting potential.

Top five benefits for health services employing RUSONs:

  • Enhanced patient care: RUSONs provide vital support to registered nursing staff, improving overall patient care quality.
  • Increased staffing flexibility: RUSONs enable health services to address staffing shortages and allocate more time to complex patient needs.
  • Skill development: RUSONs gain practical experience and develop their clinical skills, contributing to their professional growth.
  • Recruitment pipeline: Employing RUSONs creates a potential pathway for recruiting talented nursing graduates, benefitting the organisation in the long run.
  • Cost-effective workforce: RUSONs offer a cost-effective solution, optimising workforce allocation and resource utilisation.

Top five benefits for students working as RUSONs:

  • Practical experience: RUSONs gain hands-on experience, applying their theoretical knowledge in real healthcare settings.
  • Professional networking: Working alongside registered nursing staff and healthcare professionals helps RUSONs build valuable connections for future career prospects.
  • Skill development: RUSONs develop crucial skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, enhancing their professional abilities.
  • Confidence building: Working as a RUSON boosts confidence, allowing students to apply their nursing skills and decision-making abilities in practical situations.
  • Career exploration: RUSONs gain insight into various nursing specialties, helping them make informed career decisions within the nursing field.

Barwon Health recognises the immense value of employing RUSONs, and the positive impact they bring. If you are passionate about nursing and seeking a fulfilling career path, consider becoming a RUSON at Barwon Health. Together, we can make a lasting impact on patient care and shape the future of healthcare. Don't miss the opportunity to start your career with Barwon Health. Apply now and unlock your potential as a Registered Undergraduate Student of Nursing (RUSON). : 179469 Registered Undergraduate of Nursing (RUSON)