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Advance statements & nominated person

Advance statement

An advance statement sets out a person’s treatment preferences in case they become unwell and need compulsory mental health treatment.

A person can make an advance statement at any time if they understand what an advance statement is and the consequences of making one. An authorised psychiatrist must have regard for a person’s advance statement when making a treatment decision.

The authorised psychiatrist may make a treatment decision not in accordance with the advance statement if satisfied the treatment specified in the advance statement is not clinically appropriate or is not a treatment ordinarily provided by the designated mental health service.

Further information is available here.

Nominated person

A nominated person assists the patient to exercise their rights and can help represent the patient’s views and preferences.

The nominated person is given information and consulted at critical points in planning the patient’s treatment and recovery.

Any person can be nominated, provided they are willing, available and able to fulfill the role.

Further information is available here.

Last Modified: Tuesday, 22 November 2022