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Grief & loss

It is important to realise that grieving over loss is a normal process and that you may need some help whilst going through this period.

It can be very helpful to be able to talk to someone about these feelings. Your GP is a good place to start particularly if your feelings are preventing you from doing normal everyday activities. You might also consider talking to a grief counsellor.

GriefLine supports anyone experiencing grief, facing any type of loss, providing access to free telephone and online support services and resources.

Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement is the largest (not for profit) educator of grief and bereavement; and provides a range of information, for people and services.

Personal, social and environmental factors may alter an individual’s experience or perception of this information. A person’s culture, religion, spirituality or ancestral spirituality can influence how this information relates to your health & wellbeing, as well as your community.

Last Modified: Monday, 20 February 2023