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Barwon Health provides services covering the Geelong region, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff, Colac Otway region, through to Apollo Bay.

As a public clinical mental health service, our services are for people with a significant level of distress, psychosocial need, or concern regarding a risk to themselves or others as a result of a mental illness.  

Common diagnoses treated by our services are:

  • schizophrenia
  • first episode psychosis
  • bipolar disorder
  • significant personality disorder
  • significant depression or anxiety disorder
  • eating disorders

Find out more general information about eligibility for accessing mental health services (including early signs, assessment, evaluation, treatment planning).

Referrals to Barwon Health Mental Health Services

In an emergency, call 000

If you are in an emergency situation and are worried about your safety, or someone else’s, call 000 for an immediate response.

Current Patient

Is your patient currently using one of our mental health, drug or alcohol services?

New Patient

New mental health patient referral to Barwon Health:

Urgent? In the event that your contact about a current patient/consumer/friend cannot wait until business hours, call our triage service (after hours and on weekends) on 1300 094 187.

Not urgent? Ask to speak to the key clinician at the appropriate local health service, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Find out contact details for each service.

To make a referral, contact our triage service on 1300 094 187.

What to expect when calling Triage

Other resources

Mental Health Treatment Plan

A Mental Health Treatment (also known as Mental Health Care Plan) aims to enhance the quality of mental health care provision and support GPs in the management of patients with a mental illness.

Medication Fact Sheets

  • There are a range of ways to find out about medications. Barwon Health has a partnership with the Choice and Medication website, which provides up-to-date medication fact sheets.

Diagnosis Fact Sheets

Supporting Lived Experience Staff

Consumer and Family Carer Perspective Supervision Information

The Centre for Mental Health Learning (CMHL Victoria) has released frameworks for consumers and carers, to assist supervisors and workers from other disciplines to understand the scope of Lived Experience Workers.

Need help now?

  Triple Zero (000)

Emergency 24/7 help now!
You or someone else is in danger.

  1300 094 187

Barwon Health offers 24/7 help, information or referral via our Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs Services triage.