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Hospital in the Home (Mental Health)

Mental Health Hospital in the Home is a service that provides intensive mental health support and treatment to the community in their own home, where they otherwise may have required admission to an inpatient unit.

The team is multidisciplinary and comprises of psychiatrists, mental health nurses, peer workers, social workers and occupational therapists who work from 7am – 9.30pm. Support can include listening and counselling, medication review and supervision, physical health monitoring, assistance with financial and social support, assessment of occupational performance, support to develop routines and coping strategies and linkages with local community services.

The team looks at the individual and their family as a whole and aim to offer support and care to all involved, in their own environment. The model of care is recovery-oriented and trauma-informed, working as flexibly as possible to provide unique, individualise care for each and every person. Care planning is completed in a collaborative manner and aims to provide hope and empowerment to the person and their carers.


To be eligible for the service you must live in the Barwon Health catchment area (some exemptions apply due to travel distance) and have somewhere to live. This can be with a relative, a friend or even a motel. Your consent for home visits and engagement with the team is required and you must have the ability to seek additional support if you need extra help outside of the team’s operational hours.


The team is based at the mental health offices on the University Hospital Geelong site and travels to wherever the person is currently residing.


Barwon Health offers 24/7 help, information or referral via Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol Services triage.

  1300 094 187 

Last Modified: Friday, 25 August 2023