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Alcohol & other drugs


Alcohol & Drug Foundation (ADF)

Drug information line.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Anonymous support. For meetings near you, visit

Hours: 24/7


Youth AOD support under 26 years

Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Better Health Channel

Department of Health resources.

Hours: 24/7

Counselling Online

Alcohol & Drugs - a turning point service.

Hours: 24/7

Department of Health - alcohol and other drug treatment services

Detailed overview of Victoria's alcohol and drug treatment system.

Hours: 24/7


Statewide referral service and drug and alcohol counselling.

Hours: 24/7

Family Drug Support Australia

Support line.

Hours: 24/7

Head to Health

Federal Government drug and alcohol support resources.

Hours: 24/7

Narcotics Anonymous

Call 0488 811 247 to find out meetings in the next 24 hours in your area.

Hours: 24/7


Benzodiazepine dependency & withdrawal, anxiety, insomnia and depression support.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Self Help Addiction Recovery Centre

Helping people to help themselves recover from addiction.

Hours: 24/7

Talk to Frank

Honest information about drugs, A-Z resources.

Hours: 24/7

Youth Support & Advocacy Service (YSAS)

Youth support and advocacy service.

Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm