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What to wear

You may find that as your pregnancy progresses (after about four or five months) that your waist thickens and your breasts grow larger and you no longer fit into your normal clothes.

A number of department stores and boutiques have a range of maternity clothes that are reasonably priced. Buy clothes only as you need them, and try not to spend too much on clothes you may not wear again. When shopping for maternity clothes, buy the size you normally would when you’re not pregnant, or find loose or stretch non maternity clothes to fit your changing body shape.

You may find it more comfortable to wear a bra, even if you don’t normally wear one, and it is generally advisable not to wear underwired bras during pregnancy as the rigid wiring structure may interfere with the natural changes in the size and shape of your breasts. The bra you are wearing needs to be comfortable and supportive, so you may need to be measured more than once during pregnancy.

Maternity bras have cups which unhook or unzip for breastfeeding when your baby is born. You will be more comfortable in flatter, supportive shoes while you’re pregnant. Pregnancy can cause fluid build-up and can lead to uncomfortable swollen ankles and feet. Your centre of gravity is also changing as your baby grows, so higher heels can put a strain on your lower back.


Last Modified: Thursday, 25 July 2019

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