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Six week check up

At about six weeks after your baby’s birth you should see your family doctor to ensure that you are recovering physically and that your baby is well and developing normally. Your doctor will have been sent a copy of your pregnancy and birth details. You do not have to wait for 6 weeks though to see your doctor. It is important that you see your doctor as soon as you have any concerns.

Your doctor will check your baby over physically, listen to your baby’s heart and ask about feeding and weight gain.

Your doctor may ask you how you are feeling physically and if it has been two years since your last pap smear, do a pap smear. Your doctor may also ask about your recovery post birth including caesarean section wound healing, episiotomy or tear healing, haemorrhoids, bladder control, back pain and vaginal blood loss.

Your doctor may enquire about sexual matters and this would be a good time to discuss contraception. There will also be time to discuss emotional issues and how you are feeling and adjusting to parenthood.

Last Modified: Thursday, 16 June 2016