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Barwon Health / Maternity Services

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What to bring

It is a good idea to pack your case several weeks before your due date.

What you need

For labour

Clothes for labour-old t-shirt and underwear, a warm pair of socks.

  • Your own pillow if you would like (labelled)
  • Toiletries including maternity sanitary pads 
  • Thongs or slippers
  • Lip balm for dry lips
  • Extra food if you want –barley sugar, jelly beans, fruit bars

For after the birth

  • Front opening pyjamas (for breastfeeding) and a dressing gown
  • Comfortable day clothes
  • Underwear (we recommend packing underwear a few sizes larger than what you would usually wear)
  • Feeding bras (with no underwire)
  • Breast pads
  • Maternity sanitary pads
  • Toiletries
  • Plastic bags for sending home washing and taking home flowers and gifts
  • Non-slip footwear
  • Other suggestion: paper, pen and a small amount of money for snacks/papers.

Please do not bring jewellery, credit cards or a large amount of money to hospital Barwon Health cannot accept responsibility for any loss.

A support person can bring bathers for bath or shower, coins for parking meter, food-snacks/juice/special teas.

What your baby needs

Barwon Health Maternity Services will provide warm wraps needed for your baby immediately following birth.

You will need to provide the following for the remainder of your stay:

  • Nighties or jumpsuits (onesies)
  • Singlets
  • Baby wraps/bunny rugs/blankets
  • Socks or booties
  • Mittens and hats
  • Disposable nappies (cloth nappies are not provided)
  • Baby wipes or cotton balls

We suggest you wash all your baby clothes before use. Never store baby clothes or bedding in moth balls (naphthalene) or camphor. The fumes are poisonous.

If you are planning to bottle feed, bring a tin or sachets (packets) of the infant formula you plan to use and your own bottles and teats. We provide a microwave steriliser. If you decide not to breastfeed during your stay you will need to ask a family member to bring in your own formula, bottles and teats as soon as possible.

The hospital provides towels and bed linen during your hospital stay. You will need to take your own clothes and baby’s clothes home to be washed.

If you have a pregnancy record, please bring it with you when you come to the hospital.

Last Modified: Wednesday, 24 July 2019