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Perineal Massage in Pregnancy

As part of Barwon Health’s collaboration with Safer Care Victoria to improve birth outcomes for all women by reducing the instances of severe perineal tears during birth, we encourage and support women who are planning to have a vaginal birth to commence perineal massage from 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Please do not perform perineal massage if you have any of the following conditions:

  • if you have placenta praevia (a low–lying placenta) or any other condition where there is bleeding from the vagina during the second half of pregnancy
  • if you are suffering from vaginal herpes, thrush or any other vaginal infection, as massage could spread the infection and worsen the condition.

If you have not experienced any of these conditions you may perform perineal massage from 35 weeks of pregnancy. 

Please note: Although this video states perineal massage may be performed from 32 weeks, current research states that it is not necessary to perform perineal massage at this gestation and that optimal benefit is obtained if commenced at 35 weeks of pregnancy.


Last Modified: Thursday, 05 March 2020