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Barwon Health / Maternity Services

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Tour of our Maternity Services

To ensure the health and safety of our community, we are not currently conducting tours of maternity services at University Hospital Geelong during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are aware that coming to hospital for appointments and to have your baby can be stressful, particularly if you don’t know you way around our services.  We have compiled some images and descriptions of our services to help you throughout your pregnancy and when you come in to have your baby.

How to access Maternity Services

If you are in labour, it is advised that you call ahead of time so that we can plan for your arrival.

The Myers Street entrance to University Hospital Geelong is for women accessing Maternity Services and those attending Birth Suite after-hours.

Please do not park on the ramp heading into the Maternity Services building; this area is reserved for emergency vehicles. Please click here for information about car parking in the area.

Between the hours of 8am and 8pm, please proceed to maternity reception and our reception staff will assist and direct you to where you need to go.

Maternity Tour Web P1054879
Pictured: Myers st. entrance to Maternity Services, level 4 of University Hospital Geelong
Maternity Tour Web P1054894
Pictured: Entrance door and intercom to Maternity Services

After-hours access

For safety, the hospital is locked from 9pm till 6.30am.  During this time, access can be gained at the entry to Birth Suite at University Hospital Geelong on Myers Street. There is an intercom linked to Birth Suite and the midwives will allow you access to the hospital. Once you are inside the hospital, there is an intercom on the left wall opposite the doors to birth suite, you will need to access this to gain entry to birth suite.

Maternity Tour Web P1054895
Pictured: Myers St entrance Intercom to Birth Suite for after-hours use
Pictured: Intercom to Birth Suite inside the main door entrance to Maternity Services

Maternity Hub

Located on level 4 of the hospital, with direct access to Birth Suite, the adjoining Maternity Assessment Unit, Maternity Reception, the Special Care Nursery, Maternity Hub clinic rooms and lifts to the Maternity Ward on level 6.

Maternity Tour Web P1054899
Pictured: Entrance to the Maternity Hub
Maternity Tour Web P1054908
Pictured: Entrance to the Maternity Assessment Unit
Maternity Tour Web P1054920
Pictured: Maternity reception waiting area
Maternity Tour Web P1054916
Pictured: Maternity reception
Maternity Tour Web 1057144
Pictured: Maternity Hub Clinic rooms with maternity reception in the background
Maternity Tour Web
Pictured: Inside a Maternity Hub Clinic room

Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU)

Pregnant women can be referred to MAU for a variety of reasons but most commonly due to complications arising during pregnancy. The unit is staffed by midwives and doctors, who assess and monitor the health of pregnant women and their babies and includes four assessment bays and an ultrasound room where scans can be done to check your baby. The unit provides emergency care for pregnant women as well as scheduled appointments

Maternity Tour Web P1054925
Pictured: MAU reception desk
Maternity Tour Web P1054932 Edit
Pictured: MAU assessment area
Maternity Tour Web P1054937
Pictured: MAU assessment bed
Maternity Tour Web P1054944
Pictured: MAU ultrasound room

Birth Suite

The Birth Suite has eight spacious fully equipped birth rooms with ensuite facilities, a bathroom and access to birth pools to help facilitate a range of birth options for women and their partners. While in hospital, you and your baby will be cared for by doctors, midwives and enrolled nurses.

Pictured: Koorie birth room, Birth Suite 2
Maternity Tour Web P1054980
Pictured: Birth suite room with birth pool access
Maternity Tour Web P1054990
Pictured: Birth suite room
Maternity Tour Web P1055026
Pictured: Birth suite bathroom
Maternity Tour Web P1055053
Pictured: Birth suite Waiting room

Maternity Ward

The Maternity Ward consists of single rooms, double rooms and a four-bed room, there is a sunroom for visitors and guests to sit in and a nursery that has facilities for bathing your baby. The ward is staffed by midwives and doctors who provide care for pregnant and postnatal women and their babies, including support and help with breastfeeding. There are no facilities to allow for your partner to stay on the Maternity Ward.

P1041447Post Natal Front Desk
Pictured: Maternity ward reception and staff work station
Maternity Tour Web P1055079
Pictured: Shared maternity ward room with shared ensuite
Maternity Tour Web P1055107
Pictured: Single maternity ward room with shared ensuite.
Maternity Tour Web P1055128
Pictured: Maternity ward ensuite facilities
Maternity Tour Web P1055114
Pictured: Maternity ward sun room
Maternity Tour Web P1055116
Pictured: Maternity ward outdoor area
Maternity Tour Web P1055059 Pano
Pictured: Maternity ward nursery with bathing facilities, lounge area and where staff will conduct the baby check prior to you going home

Special Care Nursery

The University Hospital Geelong Special Care Nursery is a level five neonatal unit providing care for babies in the Barwon South West Region and is also a referral unit for other regional hospitals. The Special Care Nursery has capacity to care for 20 babies at a time, with two specific resuscitation rooms, a parent lounge and two overnight rooms for parents to stay with their baby prior to going home. Babies from 31 weeks gestation can be cared for at Barwon Health, being admitted either from the birthing suite, operating theatre, emergency department and also transferred in from other hospitals.


Maternity Tour Web P1055141
Pictured: Entrance to the Special Care Nursery
Work Station
Pictured: Special Care Nursery staff work station
Open Cots
Pictured: Open cots and monitoring equipment
Maternity Tour Web P1055156
Pictured: The feeding room with privacy screens, comfortable seating and breast pumps
Maternity Tour Web P1055172
Pictured: Isolettes to care for our most vulnerable babies
Maternity Tour Web P1055148
Pictured: Bathing facilities

Some additional information for you during your stay with us:

  • Please leave your valuables at home.
  • Staff won’t give out information to callers without your permission.
  • If you are bringing in expressed breastmilk for your baby, please give this to your midwife when you arrive and they will organise to have it stored in the special care nursery refrigerator.
  • We have additional information in the room for you to read – Health Care rights, Community Feedback Information, Patient and Carer Escalation process, Information on your baby movements and Domestic violence, how to access our Maternity Microsite on your phone, and how to get assistance if you are a smoker
  • You may have additional equipment brought into the room during your stay for example a neonatal resuscitation cot (if your baby requires additional treatment)
  • We are a teaching hospital and there is an expectation that you will see students during you labour and birth, please advise us if you do not want this to occur.
  • If you would like to bring in any of your own food and drinks whilst you are in birth suite or on the maternity ward, please let your midwife know and they will label what you bring in and put it in the refrigerator.
  • Please keep up to date with our website and current COVID-19 restrictions and the effect on our services.

Last Modified: Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Contact us

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