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Barwon Health / Research

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Clinical Trials Capabilities & Support

Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)

Barwon Health accepts overarching Institutional CDAs as well as project specific CDAs. If you are from Industry and would like to implement an Institutional CDA for our organisation, please email [email protected]


At Barwon Health we appreciate the need for careful assessment of study criteria, evaluating how the trial will be conducted within the standard of care delivered in our health service, as well as accurate estimates of potential participants in realistic timeframes. As an organisation we are constantly exploring new ways to provide accurate and up to date potential participant estimates for your trial. If you would like us to review a feasibility, you will find a table of medical specialty areas and contacts listed here

Ethics and Governance

Our staff have experience in lead site ethics coordination and submission, and can submit to any of the accredited reviewing human research ethics committees (HRECs). We understand the importance of timely start up and working towards both sponsor and site key metrics, to ensure ethics approval is received for all participating sites.

Our organisation has a robust but timely governance system. More information regarding ethics and governance requirements can be found here.

Clinical Trial Finance

At Barwon Health we understand budget negotiations can be lengthy and delay study start up. With a focus on improving start up timelines our organisation now has minimum fees for standard clinical trial budgets - these can be found hereEnsuring a timely start up requires sites to have all key documents to accurately assess the resourcing required for a trial, including but not limited to final protocol, study manual, laboratory manual and training requirements (online and face-to-face).

The Barwon Health pharmacy and Barwon Medical Imaging (BMI), have also developed trial specific fees. They can be requested from the clinical trial representatives in these areas, whose contacts are listed here.

**Please note each trial unit reserves the right to negotiate trial specific fee based on their assessment of resourcing and time to conduct the trial under negotiation.

Last Modified: Thursday, 01 June 2023