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Barwon Health | Intensive Care Unit

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Cultural and Spiritual Support

Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal Health is 'everyone's business' and Barwon Health is committed to providing culturally responsive care for our local Aboriginal community, and to make an impact on improving the length and quality of the lives of local Aboriginal people.

Accessible health services are critical given the complex health conditions that many Aboriginal people face. Ensuring better access and culturally-sensitive care for Aboriginal people is a whole-of-service responsibility, and one that Barwon Health takes very seriously. Access to health care is well recognised as a key determinant of health, and Barwon Health also recognises this.

Cultural safety is a significant factor in accessibility of health care for our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Barwon Health’s strategic pillar “right care, right time, right place” addresses this effectiveness of care through imd levels of consumer service and cultural awareness. All Barwon Health staff are encouraged to complete the "Aboriginal Cultural Awareness for Staff" online training module.

Learn more about Barwon Health's Aboriginal Health Unit here.

Spiritual Care

Barwon Health is committed to the care of the whole person; physically, emotionally and spiritually. As an essential part of the care team, Spiritual Care staff focus on the spiritual needs of patients, families and carers.

Spiritual Care staff are trained and accredited in working alongside you to support three main areas: meaning, purpose and connection. For many people, their spirituality will include significant relationships whether in family, community, the sacred, religion, pets, nature, art, music alongside an vast array of other expressions, our focus is ‘what is meaningful for you?’ 

We can support you, if you:

  • Are feeling lonely, worried or fearful 
  • Are in a crisis
  • Are facing change
  • Are facing issues related to death or grief 
  • Want to see a religious minister or chaplain, or support from any faith
  • Require prayer or meditation support

People often say that what is most helpful about seeing a spiritual care worker is: ‘being able to talk about what was on my mind’. Meeting with a spiritual care staff member gives people an opportunity to speak about whatever they feel is important to them, even if it is something thought to be stressful, socially unacceptable, or awkward.  

How do I access Spiritual Care?

Spiritual Care is provided on a referral basis. Patients, residents, family and carers are encouraged to request our services using the contact details below.

There are places available for reflection, meditation and/or prayer where all are welcome:

  • Spirituality Centre level 3 at University Hospital Geelong


  • Spiritual care 
  • Religious care (sacraments, prayer, religious ministers)
  • Emotional support
  • Bereavement support, grief and loss
  • Spiritual, religious and sacred texts
  • Ceremonial events and rites
  • Mindfulness meditation, relaxation and yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Referral and assessment
  • Education and training
  • Life Reflections and Dignity Therapy


Last Modified: Tuesday, 11 July 2023