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Barwon Health | Intensive Care Unit

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The University Hospital Geelong ICU has two designated paediatric beds.

Children will be admitted to ICU when they require treatment that is not available in a general ward. 

In 2011, the ICU committed to caring for critically ill children locally, a change from the traditional model of care that saw over 200 children transferred to Melbourne each year. 

This program involved identification and engagement of key stakeholders - the Royal Children's Hospital ICU, paediatricians, intensivists, emergency physicians, and ICU nursing and allied health. Together we trained, educated, and changed our model of care.

The success of this model, which has led to the number of children admitted to ICU increased from less than 10, to more than 200 per year, resulted in the program receiving the 2014 Premier's Health Care Award.

Last Modified: Tuesday, 11 July 2023