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Barwon Health | Intensive Care Unit

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Rapid Response and Outreach

The ICU Outreach service provides a number of services to the hospital, including follow-up of recently discharged ICU patients, review of deteriorating patients, in-patient ward support, and leading the Rapid Response team, with oversight by the ICU consultant group.

A formal Tracheostomy multi-disciplinary team was formed in 2016, providing regular review of this specific patient group, directing their tracheostomy care.

The Rapid Response Service consists of an ICU doctor, General Medical doctor, ICU Liaison or MET nurse, and the in-patient unit team. 

It provides rapid intensive care services to the bedside of any deteriorating patient or visitor in the hospital when certain criteria are met. Recent data suggests this service responds to more than 2500 calls a year, with a number of them requiring escalation of care either in the form of transfer to ICU, CCU, theatre, and other departments.

Last Modified: Wednesday, 01 November 2017