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Barwon Health / Aboriginal Health Unit

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Cultural safety domains

Barwon Health Aboriginal Cultural Safety Plan

Changes to the way Victorian Health Services are funded for provision of services to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population commenced in July 2020. Hospitals receiving the Aboriginal cultural safety fixed grant are required to meet minimum requirements.

Hospitals will be expected to deliver against eight domains of cultural safety. These domains align with the DHHS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural safety framework, the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS) and ICAP program.

The eight cultural safety domains are:

  1. CEO and executive leadership on cultural safety
  2. Employment of Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers
  3. Addressing health needs of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander population
  4. Engagement and partnership
  5. Cultural safety training
  6. Creating a welcoming environment
  7. Identification of people of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander patients
  8. Accountability, monitoring, reporting

Last Modified: Wednesday, 09 November 2022