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Barwon Health / Aboriginal Health Unit

(03) 4215 1955

What we do

Barwon Health has an Aboriginal Health Unit located at University Hospital Geelong.

The service provides support and advocacy to Aboriginal patients and their families within the acute health setting during business hours.

Aboriginal Health Officers play a pivotal role within the hospital environment in facilitating the delivery of culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal patients and act as cultural brokers between Aboriginal patients and the hospital system enabling understanding of the needs of Aboriginal patients in the provision of health care.

The Aboriginal Health Officer promotes community liaison and provides practical support throughout departments within University Hospital Geelong, providing support for people who require access to the hospital as an inpatient or outpatient.

The Aboriginal Health Officer can:

  • Provide cultural and social support
  • Support to attend appointments
  • Explore different care options available to Aboriginal patients
  • Provide support to Aboriginal families
  • Talk about referrals
  • Connect Aboriginal patients and their family with other services in the community
  • Talk about discharge planning
  • Talk to doctors and nurses at the patient’s request

Last Modified: Thursday, 30 March 2023